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What to Expect During Your Energy Healing Session

Most people have little or no experience with energy healing and therefore aren't sure what to expect from a healing session.

Below, Tawny will share some insight and tips for what to expect from an energy healing session. She also encourages you to contact her with any questions or concerns you might have. Call or e-mail for a quick response.

When you arrive for your energy healing session, Tawny will ask you to lie on a massage table and relax. If you prefer, the energy work can also be performed in a chair. With the lights low and relaxing music, you will be asked to close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths and let go of any tension you have. Tawny feels that the client is more receptive to the healing frequencies when deeply relaxed. Any comfortable clothing can be worn and nothing needs to be removed.

If it is your first session with Tawny, she may have questions for you, or you may have health concerns you want to discuss. Tawny makes time for this before the actual healing session.

Although each situation is different, the average time spent lying on the table is approximately 30 minutes. Sometimes people meditate or even fall asleep. It's all good - whatever happens is fine. The healing energies are subtle and you may not feel anything. Afterwards Tawny is available for any questions or feedback you may have.

In many people, the healing energies are particularly active for the first couple of hours after the energy work, and then to a lesser degree for 48 hours or so. Supporting this process with plenty of pure water, good organic nutrition and quality rest time can improve your results.
As energy healing practitioners know, it is not entirely up to us what heals or improves after energy therapy. Sometimes the healing that takes place will involve something else entirely than the problem or illness you are concerned about. Also, since energy healing can help balance and integrate the Body/Mind/Spirit connection, unexpected areas of one's life may improve.

People often benefit from on-going energy therapy after their initial healing session, especially if they have layers of long-term illness or multiple problems. Many otherwise healthy people find that monthly energy re-tuning, re-balancing and re-charging enhances their overall health and well being.