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Body / Mind / Spirit

Holistic Fitness

The Way to Whole BODY / MIND / SPIRIT Wellness

What a Holistic Fitness Program Might Look Like

Health, fitness and wellness goals can be approached on all levels with many traditional as well as alternative or even ancient practices. When you consider your whole self as a physical, mental and spiritual or energetic being, itís easier to understand why a holistic program is desirable and a completely natural fit for people seeking true wellness.

As a holistic fitness trainer, my personal training clients each require some unique, personalized planning to create the best work-out experience for them. That being said, there are some common tools I choose for most people starting a mind-body based fitness program. Below are some of the effective Body/Mind/Spirit practices I use most often. I chose to list each item under a category - body, mind or spirit, but in truth there is quite a bit of overlap, and many of these choices serve to benefit two or even all three levels of you!


  • Resistance Exercise
  • Endurance exercise
  • Flexibility work emphasizing:
  • Balance, Alignment and Posture
  • Nutritional analysis and recommendations


  • Qi Gong
  • Breathing Mastery
  • Meditation

  • Therapeutic touch energy healing
  • Chakra opening / balancing

By recognizing that you are much more than a physical body with muscles to exercise, you can change your thinking about health and fitness and enhance the quality and joy in your life with more holistic choices when itís time for a work-out. If you live in Ojai or Ventura County, find out more about getting expert guidance in integrated fitness practices at the Fitness Guru Personal Training studio. Contact Tawny to schedule a time to talk!