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Holistic Fitness Training Packages

Tawny offers different training packages that work well for most people and save money over the single session rate. She also listens to your needs and will create a package that works for you if it's not already offered!

For best results, it's important to be consistent and stick to a schedule that allows you to progress toward your goals in a reasonable time frame. For that reason, Tawny offers 10, 12 and 20 session packages that allow you to take advantage of a substantially discounted rate over the single session cost. Tawny also offers a flat monthly rate for people training long term.

Ultimately, when you meet for a consultation, you and Tawny will arrive at a package, price and schedule that works for you.

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Energy Healing & Therapy

Tawny offers 30 minute Energy Therapy/Chakra balancing sessions. Although available for single Energy Healing sessions, Tawny generally recommends 3 sessions, a few days apart, if possible for new clients.Tawny also has rates for on-going energy recharging and balancing work for people who want weekly or monthly tune-ups or for people who are chronically ill or undergoing difficult or stressful medical treatment.

Tawny offer Energy Healing sessions in single or multiple session packages. Packages for multiple sessions are created to match your individual needs, so you and Tawny will decide together. Multiple sessions booked receive a substantial price discount.

Cost for a single 30 minute session, when performed at the fitness guru studio, is $55. However, in service to the Ojai community, Tawny will not turn anyone away for lack of funds and will accept whatever you offer for one session.

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