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Here's what clients have to say about fitness training, nutritional coaching and energy healing with Tawny!

Dear Tawny,
I know I could not prepare myself mentally or physically for the Avon 3-day, 60 mile 'Walk for the Breast Cancer Cure' without you in my corner. Your coaching is supportive and realistic - strengthening body and soul! You've made a believer out of me. Now I know I'm up for the challenge. I can't thank you enough.

D.R., Ojai, CA

"Tawny's program has really worked for me. In the two months that I have been on the program, I have lost 10 pounds. Also, with the exercise routine I feel stronger and fit for life's challenges. I am not hungry on the diet, and I feel that the amount of protein keeps me level through the day. In general I am a happier person and feel more in control of my life. Plus, Tawny is a great coach."

K.M., Ojai, CA.

"I like Tawny's "Total Success" Weight Loss Program because I've learned how important the food ratios are to losing weight, and this makes the dieting and exercise more interesting to me. It has really helped me fit into my old jeans again!"

Tawny's holistic fitness program has really helped me focus on losing fat, and has resulted in a leaner body and 15 pounds lost in about 6 weeks!"
E.A., Ojai, CA