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Total Success Step #1 - NUTRITION

The "Total Success" Pyramid represents the 3 key parts to the "Total Success" Weight Loss Program. Proper, healthful nutrition is the very foundation of the pyramid, and is essential for weight loss.
The Nutrition section of the "Total Success" Program Guide includes everything you need for "Total Success" at losing weight. You will learn how to eat without "dieting" for fast, permanent results!

Before you begin the Total Success Weight Loss Program, you will fill out my in-depth questionnaire that helps me determine what your present diet is like. Then I work up your plan and balance your nutrient ratios using as many of the real foods that you already eat and like as possible.
Food Graphic
Your personal calorie recommendations.
Personal daily Meal Plans.
Private, one-on-one guidance & support.
Real Food you already eat & like.
No pre-packaged, devitalized foods.
Satisfying, delicious meals.
Healthy & nutritionally complete.
Personal nutritional supplement recommendations.
Fine tuning by the Diet Guru as you progress.
Bullet 1 Easy to use food logs.
Bullet 2 Protein, Carb & Fat charts.
Bullet 3 Food value tables.
Bullet 4 Preferred food lists.
Bullet 5 Dining out guide.
Bullet 6 Learn to design your own Meal Plans.
Bullet 10 cookt.gif
Do you have special dietary needs or questions about exactly what foods will be in your meal plan? Contact me for a FREE, no obligation consultation. E-mail me!
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