Thank-you for visiting The Diet Guru web site. Please tell a friend about me if you think they might want this information. Also, I hope you have a chance to visit some of my favorite sites as well. Please click on any of the links provided below for some interesting, useful, and entertaining web browsing!

My favorite one is SHASTA WHITE WOLF, it's about my companion wolf. Shasta's site is packed with great photos of her from the age of 7 weeks to present. Animal lovers will enjoy this site which also features links to other wolf sites.

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For those businesses on-line that don't yet have a totally secure Merchant Account, visit E-COMMERCE EXCHANGE. This great company has a minimum 98% approval rate, and never requires a deposit for new or small businesses. AND, if you complete the no obligation on-line application through this link, the regular $295 application fee is waived. Start accepting credit cards and watch your business grow!

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Body Mind Resources features over a dozen free classes designed to help guide the student out of pain and heal dysfunctiona relationships with gravity. Check it out. You or a loved one might benefit from learning how to deal with pain.

If you are trying to locate rare books, especially those about Krishnamurti, then be sure to visit KALPATARU BOOKS. You will also find Harry Potter books at this site.
Local Ojai artist, Kate Martin has a new web site featuring her beautiful, original fiber art. Visit KATE MARTIN to view a collection of her work that is also offered for sale.
If you are interested in African wildlife conservation, be sure to visit WILD.ORG. There is also a link to the Cheetah Foundation web site.
Animal lovers will appreciate FRIENDS OF ANIMALS, which I also have linked to my SHASTA WHITE WOLF web site. This organization does good work in educating the public about wildlife, and many of the barbaric wildlife "management" practices that are still used today. There is some good news, though, as the public pressure and lawsuits, brought by Friends of Animals, when necessary, can be very effective in protecting wildlife. Learn more about this organization, and support their efforts if you can.
Visit DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE to learn about wildlife conservation or join. Defenders of Wildlife has been doing work on behalf of wildlife since 1947. They are at the forefront of the Wolf Reintroduction Program in Yellowstone Park, and they raise the money for the reimbursement fund for ranchers who document loss of livestock from wolves.
One of the most interesting web sites that I have ever visited is KOKO.ORG.This fabulous site contains many photos and volumes of information about The Gorilla Foundation. Koko is an African Lowland gorilla who has learned sign language, and communicates daily with her handlers. Dr. Francine Patterson has dedicated her life's work to The Gorilla Language Project. Learning about what one of our fellow mammals thinks and feels is astounding. It is with great sadness that I report that Koko's friend and companion, Michael, who knew and used over 600 signs, passed away April 19, 2000.
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