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Holistic Fitness
The Shift toward Whole Wellness & Vital Living
By Tawny McLellan, CPT

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tawny McLellan, and I own and operate the Fitness Guru Personal Training Studio in Ojai, California, where I specialize in holistic fitness training. My holistic fitness program helps clients attain extraordinary levels of fitness, radiant health, relaxation, optimistic attitude, inner peace and joy.

When I first talk with someone about holistic fitness, they usually have not heard this term before and have no idea what it means. That is the reason for writing this report. I hope to clarify what holistic fitness means and point out the amazing benefits of this kind of approach to fitness and wellness.

People today have more options than ever for receiving information about health, fitness and general wellness. At the same time Americaís obesity epidemic is growing faster than ever and much of the population is unhappy, unhealthy and sick with low energy. Clearly, the currently popular fitness methods and programs are not helping everybody.

People are gradually gaining some awareness that there may be more to being truly happy and well than what a traditional fitness program entails. They are also interested in preventing chronic and severe illness and taking charge of their own wellness and quality of life. Or maybe they are already sick or in pain and donít know how to get started on the path to wellness. As people begin to hear about a more integrated possibility to health and fitness, one that addresses their whole health, mind and spirit as well as their body, they are not finding it readily available in their local gym or fitness center. They also arenít entirely sure what it means, so itís difficult to ask about.

What is Holistic Fitness?

To put it simply, a holistic fitness program is designed with a balanced approach that includes training in the healthy Body/Mind/Spirit practices that serve to integrate these three facets of human existence. When this integration is well balanced, a more holistic wellness is possible. A holistic fitness program considers the client to be a holistic being that cannot separate out the mind and spirit from the body.

Holistic fitness is quite comprehensive and is generally more focused on whole health rather than primarily on muscular fitness as measured by strength, endurance and flexibility. Donít get me wrong, strength, endurance and flexibility are very important for good fitness, but holistic fitness also includes exercises and practices that work to balance and harmonize the whole being. Methods that consciously seek to improve the innate connection between body, mind and spirit. Methods that seek to raise awareness and consciousness.
Personal fitness training, exercise classes and fitness bootcamps are all very popular choices for people who want to lose weight or get fit. There are countless fitness programs available in gyms on the Internet or infomercials. Those that offer these services will vary in their approach to fitness training. Iím not talking about the exact exercises chosen or the number of reps recommended, Iím referring to the basic underlying philosophy that drives a personal trainerís methods and clientsí success.

Why I Choose Holistic Fitness Training for Myself & My Clients

The holistic philosophy that guides my approach to training clients, after more than 25 years in the fitness business, is to see them not only as physical beings, but also mental, spiritual and energetic beings as well. In other words, they are complete human beings, not just their physical condition or basic bio-motor abilities. This means I no longer see simple exercise prescription and guidance as my only responsibility as I counsel and train clients who deserve true health and wellness along with general fitness.

Another reason I design holistic training programs for people is because everything, including your decision to improve your fitness level, begins with a thought. Thoughts are energy, and are an expression of our consciousness. Our physical bodies are also an expression of our consciousness. Deepak Chopra, a prominent leader and teacher in mind-body science agrees, saying ďLook at your body to see your past, look in your mind to see your future.Ē The outcome of physical training is powerfully affected when mental and spiritual practice come together for a synergy that supports your life experience in ways that are important and rewarding. Your thoughts and feelings impact your health and bodyís physiology in profound ways. In my view, this impact should not be ignored when designing a work-out program.

A holistic fitness program will promote good health as the foundation to better fitness and on to better physical performance. But whole wellness includes much more than being physically fit and able to perform. Mind-body techniques, practiced regularly will pave the way toward a healthy brain and mind. When the mind and body are working in a balanced way together, the doorway to your spiritual self may open and the truth of your connection to the Universe and everything and everyone around you are apparent. The peace, sense of well-being and joy that can be experienced go beyond merely spending time becoming fit. The more conscious effort applied to being in harmony, the more it builds on itself and expands your possibilities to experience life more fully.

If a trainer is mindful of how and when it is appropriate to add and designate time for mind-body practice in the work-out session, the client can embark on a fulfilling, personal journey toward whole wellness. In fact many kinds of illnesses and dis-eases will finally clear when the body is helped back into healthy balance through holistic fitness guidance.

What a Holistic Fitness Program Might Look Like

Health, fitness and wellness goals can be approached on all levels with many traditional as well as alternative or even ancient practices. When you consider your whole self as a physical, mental and spiritual or energetic being, itís easier to understand why a holistic program is desirable and a completely natural fit for people seeking true wellness.

As a holistic fitness trainer, my personal training clients each require some unique, personalized planning to create the best work-out experience for them. That being said, there are some common tools I choose for most people starting a mind-body based fitness program. Below are some of the effective Body/Mind/Spirit practices I use most often. I chose to list each item under a category - body, mind or spirit, but in truth there is quite a bit of overlap, and many of these choices serve to benefit two or even all three levels of you!


  • Resistance Exercise
  • Endurance exercise
  • Flexibility work emphasizing:
  • Balance, Alignment and Posture
  • Nutritional analysis and recommendations


  • Qi Gong
  • Breathing Mastery
  • Meditation

  • Therapeutic touch energy healing
  • Chakra opening / balancing

By recognizing that you are much more than a physical body with muscles to exercise, you can change your thinking about health and fitness and enhance the quality and joy in your life with more holistic choices when itís time for a work-out. If you live in Ojai or Ventura County, find out more about getting expert guidance in integrated fitness practices at the Fitness Guru Personal Training studio. Contact Tawny to schedule a time to talk!