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the fitness guru

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of training with Tawny at Ojai's private, one-on-one personal fitness training studio.

Tawny McLellan, AKA the fitness guru, is a certified fitness trainer and Energy Healing Practitioner. Tawny has a unique approach to helping her clients attain an extraordinary level of radiant health, fitness and vitality. Tawny's holistic approach to fitness and wellness means your program will include coaching in fun, effective, stress-busting mind-body practices as well as strength, endurance and flexibility training.

Imagine what it would be like if you awoke each day feeling great with a clear head, more energy, and a calm, focused state of mind.

You can experience this level of well-being and more if you have the right tools and knowledge of how to make the kind of changes in your life that result in real holistic wellness.

Let the fitness guru show you how her unique fitness training philosophy could be the answer to your poor health and poor energy level. The end to being sick, fat, tired and stressed. I invite you to explore this site to find out more about the fitness guru, get your Free Holistic Fitness Report and call today to schedule your consultation.


Who trains with the fitness guru?

  • People seeking a unique, fresh approach to their fitness routine
  • People who are stressed and over-scheduled
  • People who want to be 'Fit after 50' and need a gentle approach
  • People with past or current injuries, limitations or pain
  • People with lower back pain
  • People who want an efficient program that includes everything they need
  • YOU DO! If you are seeking whole Body/Mind/Spirit health, fitness, radiance & vitality

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Find out more about how the fitness guru can help you get into the best shape of your life! Schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation with Tawny. This meeting will allow you to meet Tawny, see the studio and talk about your individual needs and concerns. Tawny will then recommend a program tailored for you and discuss scheduling and pricing.