Welcome to the AB Room

This is the place to learn how to do an Ab work-out that really works to sculpt your mid-section.

Note: As with any physical activity, it is advised that you see your doctor before beginning a fitness program. Weight training exercises may not be appropriate for everyone. See guidelines for more information.

Let's get started!
Below are illustrations of the exercises in the abdominal routine I recommend. For maximum effect, it is important that you perform the exercises in the order they appear.

Perform the exercises in a slow, controlled manner, exhaling completely at the "top" or contracted portion of the movement. Mentally focus on the working muscles as you complete each rep.

As always, start at your own present fitness level, working up to the recommended nunber of repetitions at your own pace as you become stronger. NOTE: Exercisers who experience lower back pain, for any reason, now or in the past may not be comfortable doing the first 3 exercises. In that case it is a good idea to start with a few careful crunches (the 4th exercise shown) to test your ability and get stronger in the upper abs first.

Reverse Curl for abdominals

Crunches for abdominals