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Dieting to Lose Weight Has Become a National Obsession
Of the 7.8 million Americans who participated in commercial weight loss programs last year, only about 2% of the people who lost weight will keep it off for two years or more. If the goal is to lose weight and keep it off for good, then that means that fully 98% of these diets failed!

In the end, these programs failed the participants, not the other way around!
Diets don't work!
In contrast to traditional "diet" plans, the "Total Success" Weight Loss Program is a powerfully effective weight management method. This exclusive program is not a diet! Instead it is a proven method of reducing body fat through individualized exercise and meal plans, combined with private one-on-one coaching and guidance. The result is better overall health and wellness, along with the knowledge of how to reach your weight loss goals, and maintain them permanently.

Here is what customers have to say about the "Total Success" Weight Loss Program, and Tawny's one-on-one coaching...

I lost weight, you can too!
"I like the "Total Success" Weight Loss Program because I've learned how important the food ratios are to losing weight, and this makes the dieting and exercise more interesting to me. It has really helped me fit into my old jeans again!"

"The "Total Success" program has really helped me focus on losing fat, and has resulted in a leaner body and 15 pounds lost in about 6 weeks!"
Eric A.

"Total Success has really worked for me. In the two months that I have been on the program, I have lost 10 pounds. Also, with the exercise routine I feel stronger and fit for life's challenges. I am not hungry on the diet, and I feel that the amount of protein keeps me level through the day. In general I am a happier person and feel more in control of my life. Plus, Tawny is a great coach."

Kate Martin, Ojai, CA.

Great one-on-one coaching
Dear Tawny,
I know I could not prepare myself mentally or physically for the Avon 3-day, 60 mile 'Walk for the Breast Cancer Cure' without you in my corner. Your coaching is supportive and realistic - strengthening body and soul! You've made a believer out of me and my 48 year old body. Now I know I'm up for the challenge. I can't thank you enough.

Debra Reed
President, Debra J. Reed & Associates
Management and Career Consultants

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