Triceps Extension Machine

Muscles Targeted: The triceps brachii is the principal extensor of the forearm. The triceps are located on the back of the upper arm.

Equipment Needed: A triceps extension machine found in most fitness centers.

How to Perform: Adjust the seat & back pad to align the elbows with the axis or pivot point on the machine. Press the lever arm until the elbow is fully extended in front of your chest. Control the weight on the way back to the start of the movement.

Cautions: Some people may experience elbow pain with a triceps machine. If this happens, try switching to cable Tricep Pressdowns or Dumbbell Kickbacks to see if it solves the problem. See a doctor if elbow pain persists.

Variations or Substitutes: Some fitness centers have triceps machines that simulate dips. These will have a start position with the upper arm at your side and involve pressing until the elbow is extended into a straight arm position along the side of the body.

Additional Comments: Nicely toned triceps help prevent those unsightly, sagging underarms. For those desiring more mass in their arms, don't forget to train the triceps with heavy weights. Although the biceps are usually the main focus of most people's arm work, the triceps account for about 2/3 of the total size of the arm.

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