Triceps Cable Pressdown

Muscles Targeted: The triceps brachaii are located on the back of the upper arm and are responsible for extending the elbow joint until the arm is straight.

Equipment Needed: A machine with a high pulley attached to a weight stack. You can use a straight bar or any of a variety of triceps attachments that are available.

How to Perform: Take a shoulder-width or narrower grip on a straight bar attached to a high pulley. Pull the bar down until your elbows are at your sides. The bar will be approximately level with your chest. Maintain good posture, with your shoulders back and keep the elbows at your sides throughout the movement. Push the bar down until the elbows are fully extended to the straight arm position. Under full control of the weight, allow the bar to return to the starting point even with your chest.

Cautions: Avoid bending forward at the waist or rounding the shoulders during the pushing phase of the repetition. This is usually seen when the weight is too heavy to use strict form. Also, be sure to control the weight as the bar returns to the start position.

Variations or Substitutes: There are several types of handle attachments available that are suitable for cable pressdowns. Examples are "v" shaped handles and ropes or straps that provide different types of grips. A good variation using a straight bar is to take a reverse, or underhand grip on the bar. This grip emphasizes a different head of the triceps muscle, and should be included in a balanced program.

Additional Comments: It is a good idea to occasionally use a single handle attachment to train one arm at a time. This helps to avoid always doing more work with your stronger or more dominate side.

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