Triceps Kickback

Muscles Targeted: The triceps brachii are located on the back of the upper arm, and are responsible for extending the elbow joint to a straight arm position.

Equipment Needed: A flat weight bench and a dumbbell of the appropriate weight for you.

How to Perform: Place the knee opposite the working arm on a flat weight bench. Reach out with the arm on the same side as the knee and place it a comfortable distance on the bench so that the chest is parallel to the floor. Choose a dumbbell and bring the upper arm up along the side of the body with the elbow bent. Maintain this upper arm position throughout the movement. Extend the elbow joint, straightening the arm fully, then under full control, bring the weight back to the start until the elbow is bent to approximately 90 degrees.

Cautions: Be sure to place the knee opposite the working arm on a flat weight bench (as shown in the illustration) to stabilize your position and protect the lower back while performing kickbacks.

Variations or Substitutes: Triceps extensions can be performed overhead starting the movement with the upper arm lifted up next to the side of your head, flexing and extending the elbow. Resistance tubing or bands may also be used. If the tubing is secured out in front of the body, there is no need to bend over with the chest parallel to the floor. Simply stand upright flexing and extending the elbow while grasping the tubing.

Additional Comments: The triceps muscle has 3 heads (hence the name TRIceps), so a complete strengthening program should involve a variety of exercises and hand positions. The orientation of the shoulder joint affects which head is stimulated on a given exercise.

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