Concentration Curl

Equipment Needed: Flat weight bench and appropriate weight dumbbell.

How to Perform: Begin by sitting on a flat weight bench, holding a dumbbell and placing the elbow, fully extended, against the inside of the thigh. The feet should be flat and widely spaced. Place the opposite hand against the thigh on that side to help support the lower back and maintain your torso position. Keeping the elbow in contact with the inner thigh, curl the dumbbell up toward the shoulder, flex the biceps, then lower completely for a stretch and repeat.

Cautions: Be sure to support the lower back while performing concentration curls by stabilizing your position with the opposite hand against the knee, as shown in the illustration.

Variations or Substitutes: A curl using a single handle attached to a low pulley could be performed in a similar position instead of using dumbbells. The main difference would be the continuous tension from a lateral direction provided by the cable.

Additional Comments: Concentration curls allow additional emphasis on the peak of the biceps by supinating at the top of the movement. To supinate, rotate or twist the forearm as the dumbbell reaches the top of the movement, ending in a palm up position.

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