Fat Burning Circuit
Note: As with any physical activity, it is advised that you see your doctor before beginning a fitness program. Weight training exercises may not be appropriate for everyone. See guidelines for more information.

This work-out is great for improving your fitness level quickly, and stimulates hours of increased fat burning. One of the benefits of weight training is an increased metabolic rate that can continue for hours beyond the actual work-out. If you combine this routine with consistent aerobic work and proper nutrition, you are sure to reach your goals!

Note: As with any physical activity, I recommend that you consult with your doctor before participating in this or any fitness program.

The proper way to Circuit Train is to keep moving continuously, performing one set of each exercise before going to the next without taking a rest interval. Circuits will generally have from 5 to 12 different exercises to complete. People usually begin with once through the circuit and gradually work up to 2 or 3 times through with a 3-5 minute rest between the circuits.

This work-out takes a lot of energy and burns many calories. Choose weights in the light to medium range with higher repetitions for circuit training.