Cable Curl

Correct Form

Using a low pulley and a straight bar, take a comfortable underhand grip. Keeping the elbows at the sides, curl the bar up toward the shoulders, lower until arm is fully extended and repeat.

Muscles Targeted: The biceps is one of the main flexors of the elbow joint. The biceps is located on the front of the upper arm.

Equipment Needed: A machine with a low pulley attached to a weight stack. Various bars can be used, but it is preferable if it is made to spin freely in the center.

Cautions: Avoid using the lower back to help "swing" the bar up. Use an attachment bar that spins in the middle to keep the wrists in a neutral position throughout the movement. Be sure to lower the bar in a controlled manner and allow the elbows to fully extend, but never hyperextend.

Variations or Substitutes: Free weight curls using a barbell or dumbbells are good variations. You can also use a single handle attachment rather than a bar, or resistance tubing or bands.

Additional Comments: The continuous tension felt throughout the movement is one of the main differences between cable curls and free weight curls.

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