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Better Golf through Better Fitness

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The Golf Guru's
8-Step Swing Warm-up
The importance of performing a brief warm-up before playing a round of golf or even practicing at the range cannot be over-emphasized. Its not enough to simply hit some balls as a warm-up, because it is the golf swing itself that demands some basic preparation.

The golf swing is a very dynamic movement requiring the muscles to fire precisely in rapid sequence, accelerating the club head to 80-100 mph only to instantly decelerate to complete stop in little more than a second. Its no wonder we need to prepare the body for this.

Spending 5 minutes performing my golf specific warm-up routine after you arrive at the course, but before you actually hit a ball, will accomplish two important goals and enhance your enjoyment of the game by:

1. Preparing your body for the golf swing to help prevent injury and wear and tear, especially in
the lower back, hips, and shoulders.


2. Preparing you to perform an effective swing with your driver from the 1st tee adding confidence and increasing your chance for a lower score.
The Golf Guru 8-step warm-up consists of two parts:

1) General A general whole-body warm-up that gradually raises your core temperature and heart rate. This will increase the blood flow to the muscles, reducing stiffness and adding flexibility.


2) Golf Specific Golf specific movements follow the general warm-up, gradually progressing to performing the full golf swing.

This routine should only take about 5 minutes and can be done at the practice range or waiting at the first tee. I suggest you practice the Golf Guru 8-step warm-up at home a couple of times before trying it at the golf course. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the correct technique and order of movements.

The order the exercises are performed is important. I have designed the 8 steps so that each
step prepares the body for the next, then naturally progresses into a full golf swing.

To begin the routine, study each photo and carefully read the description of how to perform the correct technique and any key points you should remember. The recommended number of repetitions is 8 throughout the steps, so its easy to remember.