"Boldness has genius, power, and magic..."
Corinna Bloom
Resounding Core
402 West Ojai Ave. #101-504
Ojai, CA 93023
Resounding Core is a studio in Ojai that holds classes in transformation via yoga, chanting, breathing, and freedom of voice, emotion and movement. Our classes are all based on learning from celebration, rather than self-improvement.

We have an upcoming Grand Opening Expansion Festival on OCTOBER 23rd, 2004, 12noon to 7pm in Ojai. Stay tuned to this site for updates on schedule and directions, or call 805.646.0086 for details, and to pre-register at $10 off the door price (25 dollars at the door).

For the schedule of classes, you can look at Ojai's publication: the New Spirit, October, 2004 edition. Resounding Core classes and times are listed in their "on-going groups" section. Also, please check back to the site, as we plan to add a more in-depth description of classes, as well as a full schedule of events.

Resounding Core is the name of both an organization and a curriculum. The mission of the organization is to evoke and expand true creative power in individuals and groups. The curriculum is designed to liberate self-expression by evoking new paradigm experiences of voice, emotion, movement, breath and presence.

Resounding Core offers a variety of experiential classes and/or private sessions. Participants can choose to attend in person, or in separate phone conferences. There are several ways to combine individual classes and sessions to reach individual goals.

Benefits of engaging the Core curriculum include (as reported by past participants):

  • End self criticism
  • Release inhibitions
  • Trust your own organic authority, and act on it in the moment
  • Speak important truths in ways that end arguments
  • Experience ease in public speaking or performance
  • Experience a new, easeful, natural way for passionate & diverse groups to interact and create together

Corinna Bloom, founder and director of Resounding Core, has worked extensively in assisting groups and individuals to be present and express themselves in authentic, spontaneous ways - clearing the way for creativity to come forth and activate the group or individual's fullest potentials.

With over 10 years of group facilitation and body-centered awareness skills, Corinna is a master of cultivating play, wealth, personal authority, confidence, mystery, beauty, integrity, amazing relationships, and celebration. She invites you into your body, into the moment, and into a new paradigm of how to generate the kinds of relationships and results you want.

Rather than 'self-improvement' or 'working on yourself', or organization, Corinna guides you onto the path of effortless expansion into your true, in-the-moment magnificence, and the real fulfillment of your own and your group's creative potential.

Contact us for more information, or for our Oct. & Nov. 2004 course schedules. Also, visit us again later to see our expanding website and offerings.


Phone 805-646-0086
10/23/04 Schedule
12:30 PM Food served
2:00 PM filler Corinna sings
4:00 PM Dancing!

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Oct. 23, 2004 Party Schedule 
 11:00 AM - doors open 
 12:00 Noon - Music begins 
 1:00 - Food is served 
 2:30 - Corinna sings! 
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