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The Golf Guru talks about training the hamstring muscles for better golf. View the video below to see Tawny demonstrate Stiff- Legged Deadlifts.

Strong, flexible Hamstrings are critical to a good golf swing. Tight hamstrings are a major factor when a golfer experiences a stiff lower back, and weak hamstrings cause a loss of ability to stay in golf posture throughout the round, swing after swing.

This exercise is ideal for improving both flexibility and strength of the hamstring muscles. If you are not accustomed to stretching the back of your thigh, this exercise can make you sore! Start with no weight, only the golf club, the first time, and do only 8 repetitions. Evaluate how your muscles feel in 24 and 48 hours. Don't add reps or weight until you can do these without sore hamstring or lower back muscles afterwards.

For most people, physical activity, including strength training and endurance exercises or stretching, should not pose any problem or hazard. There are some individuals, however, who for various reasons should not engage in strenuous physical activity. Therefore, The Golf Guru recommends that people consult their physician or health care professional before participating in any exercise program.

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