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The Golf Guru Swing Coach Program - $99

Are you interested in playing better golf and understanding your golf swing in a way you never thought possible?

You can tune up and improve your swing and your game quickly with the Golf Guru Swing Coach Program. Tawny conducts the analysis from the perspective of a certified fitness trainer, rather than a pro golf instructor. Her unique approach combines her professional posture analysis with video footage of your golf swing. This enables her to give you very specific, personal recommendations that will help you improve your swing and your game quickly!

How does the Golf Guru Swing Coach Program work?

Tawny begins by conducting a complete analysis of your posture. She will find out if you have any underlying structural issues or muscle imbalances that are affecting not only your posture, but your ability to perform the finely tuned kinetic sequence of movement needed to hit a golf ball well.

You will then swing a few golf clubs and Tawny will shoot video of your swing from several different angles. After looking carefully at your video, combined with the information gathered in the postural analysis, you receive specific, written recommendations and a demonstration of any exercises or swing changes to try.

Many golfers find that a major benefit of the Golf Guru Swing Coach Program is the insight (the famous "aha" moment) that comes with a shift in mental clarity about their golf swing. An excellent mental "swing concept" is invaluable to your game.

  • Posture Analysis
  • Video Golf Swing Analysis
  • Written Recommendations for Swing Fix
  • Simple exercises or drills taught

A Great Value - for a limited time $99
Contact Tawny for more info or to sign up.
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