Horizontal Row Machine

Rowing Machine

Muscles Targeted: The muscles used while performing the Horizontal Row Machine are primarily the Latissimus Dorsi (lats), Rhomboids, Trapezius & the Posterior (rear) Deltoids.

Equipment Needed: A Horizontal Row Machine found in most gyms and fitness centers.

How to Perform: Adjust the seat height and chest pad for proper alignment and select an appropriate weight for your ability. Beginning with the arms extended straight out in front of your body, and maintaining contact with the chest pad, squeeze the shoulder blades together as you pull the handles back until the hands reach your sides. The elbows will be bent to about 90 degrees. Controlling the weight, return to the handles to the straight arm position at the start of the movement.

Cautions: Be sure to keep your chest in contact with the chest pad throughout the movement. A common mistake is to lean back at the waist, coming away from the pad during the exercise. This results in pulling the weight with the lower back muscles rather than the upper back, risking injury.

Variations and Substitutes: Some row machines have both vertical and horizontal handles for variation. Horizontal handles can be used with either an overhand or an underhand grip for different emphasis. Appropriate substitutes for this exercise include the Seated Cable Row and Bent Over Barbbell Rows.

Additional Comments: Be sure to ask an instructor or trainer for help in adjusting the machines seat and chest pad. The chest pad should be positioned to allow a stretch in the start position.

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