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Better Golf through Better Fitness

January 2011 - Issue 1
Golf Guru Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Speaking of the New Year, I am introducing my new Golf Guru Newsletter for 2011. Each month I will send a new issue with golf tips including simple ways to help improve your swing, your posture, your fitness and ultimately your performance and enjoyment of the game.

Do any of your resolutions involve golf? I would love to hear about your individual golf resolutions as it would allow me to talk about those topics in future newsletters. Please contact me with any requests or ideas for interesting topics. Also, please forward the Golf Guru Newsletter to any golfers you know who may be interested.
So…... continuing on the New Year theme, my first topic deals with New Year’s golf resolutions.

The possibilities are endless in golf. You may resolve to improve a certain aspect of your game – like putting or bunker play, lower your handicap, play a round without feeling back pain or maybe to hit a longer drive. The truth is that none of these things are likely to happen if you don’t do something different than you did before. Thus, the need for the resolution! You have to write it down or say it out loud before you can make a plan that will allow you to work toward a specific goal. (Hint: You don’t have to wait for New Year’s for this idea to work!)

Small, Steady Steps
Some people say they hate making New Year’s resolutions because they always seem to fail, so they never make the desired changes and wind up feeling guilty for never following through. From my experience as a personal fitness trainer for 25 years, I have seen that these failed resolutions are usually the result of it being too ambitious while at the same time being way too general and not specific enough to plan and break down the steps needed to make a change. Success is accomplished through small, steady steps in a focused direction – not giant leaps in all different directions.

Schedule it! Just 10 minutes!
You also have to schedule the time, actually put it in your daily planner. A resolution fails when you agree that you want to do it, but fail to commit to when and how. I recommend scheduling small increments of time 2 or 3 times a week to work on some small aspect of your game. Just 10 minutes spent, maybe three times a week, working on anything will offer some improvement.

Here’s one of the easiest, most effective game improvers that makes for a super 2011 golf resolution! Schedule time to simply warm-up and swing a golf club in the backyard, spending no more than 10 minutes. Commit to this 3 times a week, or even daily if you are motivated, and you will greatly improve your swing. This is especially helpful to get you back into “swing shape” after a layoff.

The Golf Guru 8-Step Warm-up
This 10 minute session should include a warm-up before performing full practice swings. Remember, it is important for your body to warm up properly to prepare for the golf swing, rather than swinging the club in order to warm up. I suggest using my Golf Guru 8-Step Golf swing Warm-up plan and then gradually move on to full swings. The warm-up takes 3-5 minutes and then the rest of the time is for free swinging. You can choose one club, or work your way up the set.

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